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Other software solutions are created to expedite production -  faster – not necessarily better.  From Land Surveying, City Mapping, Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Architecture, Financial Modeling, and more, there has never been a single product that empowers YOU to deliver a significant improvement in quality – until now:  LandMentor


LandMentor’s reinvents the consulting industry allowing YOU to improve planning, regulation, architecture, mapping, engineering, and surveying.

Ease of Use:

LandMentor introduces new (patented) user interfaces reduces YOUR learning curve to days and allows YOU to master the system in just a few weeks.


Interactive 3D as a by-product of normal work flow: 

LandMentor Video Gaming based technology works seamlessly with its precision coordinate geometry to make 3D accessible and the main vehicle for YOU to communicate – and impress, be it a simple shed in a rear yard or a master planned neighborhood.



Land Surveying Basis: 

LandMentor precision ‘positional geometry’ replaces the industry's cumbersome point number system from the mid-1970’s.   Design, analysis, reporting, mapping, engineering, renderings, VR, and more are all based on precision Land Surveying.


Surface Based Intelligence: 

Growth and redevelopment creates new ‘surfaces’ that have economic and environmental impact.  LandMentor utilizes precision surface intelligence to empower YOU to provide more efficient design through better reporting of impacts, easy 3D generation, beautiful renderings, financial modeling, and much more.


An Educational Technology: 

LandMentor includes printed Textbooks and an initial self-training class that teaches YOU how to deliver better results using innovative functions developed for you to make better decisions.  It is the only holistic teaching of surveying, precision mapping, civil engineering, advanced planning, architecture (related to the site design), recognizing and eliminating waste, financial modeling, and much more.


A single non-modular system: 


LandMentor saves everything to a single file. There is no version incompatibility because all updates and upgrades are delivered free to licensed users.  No forced subscriptions that hold YOU hostage to a software vendor – YOU own the LandMentor license!



















A New Era of Communication: 

Nobody fully understands that 2D plan delivered to your client – especially YOUR client!  City planning commission and council members approve or deny submittals without being able to visualize or understand the advantages or problems of the design.  The results are delays, long meetings, and neighbor objections – no matter how good or bad the proposal.  The CAD and GIS industry has done nothing to solve these major problems.  With LandMentor and its interactive easy 3D that features ‘plug & play’ support for Microsoft Based VR Headsets, you will make Virtual Reality – a Reality.


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