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LandMentor is the only True Land Planning System

‘Design must be functional, and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics ’ Ferdinand Porsche

Since the dawn of modern civilization growth has depended upon a set of finite ‘minimums’.  Before LandMentor, technology was only about speed, subdividing hundreds of lots in minutes, ignoring curb appeal, views (along the street and from inside the homes), pedestrian connectivity (and safety), vehicular ‘flow’ (efficiency), showcasing the development, effective land use transitions, and much more.  LandMentor includes the technology and NextGen methods that create more efficient, attractive, valuable, functional, spacious, and safer neighborhoods.  Land Mentor is all inclusive teaching the basics of engineering and surveying, empowering the Land Planner and increasing the Value of their Services.  The interactive 3D and VR as a by-product of the typical workflow revolutionizes the way Land Plans are communicated.

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