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LandMentor Empowering Cities & Counties to Make Better Growth Decisions

Mayors, Administrators, Planners, Council & Commissioners have an awesome responsibility in guiding a city's future. Yet little has changed in the tools used to shape growth, until now. 

LandMentor helps you do your job better.

Approximately 35,000 cities and 3,000 counties in the USA judge submittals with the same 2D presentations as if it were still 1962, insufficient to make optimum decisions. It forces those approving or denying, to imagine the submittal's actual impacts.
LandMentor  instantly reports precise impacts of a proposal, while providing interactive 3D and virtual reality during public meetings.

A clear understanding of proposals:

The typical submittal meets drafting standards set before modern technology.


LandMentor's  intelligence is instantly easier to understand. Topography variations are identified as higher ground in Green and lower ground in Red. Environmental impact is a button press.


Why interactive 3D with virtual reality matters


Compare a typical submittal and that same site with LandMentor's interactive 3D. What if the proposed building were 20' further back? The building can be moved and automatically set at the proper elevation to quickly answer public meeting questions. Views can be eye level, birds-eye, or even from within a building, looking out.


Smarter Information


Charts automatically reports critical information such as square footage of shore frontage, wetlands, paved surfaces, walks, lot sizes, home pad sizes, open-space areas and more.


Charts eliminate cross-checking and many instances where a proposal would otherwise be tabled - or simply rejected for lack of information; or accepted without realizing its negative impacts.


Reporting Impacts can encourage developers and builders to submit better solutions for its citizens. This information can result in reduced city maintenance burdens, more attractive growth, enhanced values,(and tax base), a smaller environmental footprint, and more open space. The feedback can guide those submitting, to a more profitable solution.

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