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Improving Land Surveying with LandMentor

‘Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything’Wyatt Earp

For a larger view of the video, place your cursor in the video and click this:

LandMentor is the only (patented) system that uses positional coordinate geometry for 100% of its functions!  Land Surveying collects precise positions on the planet, and then uses that data to determine ownership for some ‘use’ of the land.  Eventually, improvements are designed for the Surveyor to stakeout for construction.  All other software uses the cumbersome ‘point number system’ developed in the 1970’s.  LandMentor’s ‘Positional Geometry’ integrated with its ‘Precision Surface Intelligence’ simplifies Land Surveying and Precision Map Making while eliminating most errors that can lead to litigation!  With LandMentor accuracy IS everything.

Check out our hub on LandSurveyorsUnited for continued news and information on LandMentor and other topics concerning Land Surveyors today.

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