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LandMentor's Interactive Virtual Reality Reinvents Presentations

‘Virtual Reality was once the dream of science fiction’ – Mark Zuckerberg


The problem with CAD generated 3D fly-throughs is not the high cost of production, but the inability during a critical presentation to move about interactively.  For example, a neighbor objects about the view from their porch.  A preset 3D video is worthless to answer their concern.  An interactive 3D that plays exactly like a Video Game allows the presenter to instantly move about on the ground as if walking, above as if flying, and for engineering questions, below the ground also!  On screen 3D does not reflect ‘actual feel’ of space, scale, height, or depth.  Simply plug a Microsoft Augmented Reality (VR) headset and LandMentor can redirect a parallel view to the headset!  With positional memory, queasiness of Virtual Reality is greatly reduced.  excels at.  

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